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Huang Weide, the founder of Qingtai fireworks: The moment the fireworks bloomed in the sky, his mother laughed happily, and Huang Weide also laughed.

WIRTEN by Zhou Junjun
文 周君君
PIC by Qingtai
图 庆泰

She is a woman who has endured hardships. She was born in a time of war, and grew up in a time of poverty and hunger.Her name is Chen Yulan.

In her youth, Chen Yulan was introduced to marry a innocent and honest man and gave birth to a pair of children. When she felt that happiness finally came to her, her husband died unexpectedly when her son was just four years old , and her daughter was just a baby.

The bumpy fate, bumpy experience, defeated this honest woman. She cried with a pair of children who were heartbreaking and fainted. When she woke up, the son stood by the bed and took a glass of water. She drank, pointed to the window and said to her, "Mom, look, it's Chinese New Year, Fireworks outside are so beautiful. "

Chen Yulan wiped her tears out and hugged her son and daughter tightly ...

Since then, this innocent woman has carried the family and worked hard. She wish to allow her children to eat and eat, and to put a few firecrackers with her children during the New Year and the New Year.

The fireworks of the year his father died and the tears of his mother were like a deep mark in Huang Weide's heart. Watching his mother toil day and night for their livelihood, her mother ’s sweat and increasingly emaciated body, in the third grade of elementary school, Huang Weide dropped out of school to work as a petty worker in a firecracker factory and took the initiative to choose the most dangerous job of adding gunpowder to the firecrackers, only for one day. Make a few more cents to help mothers feed their families.

This is done for twelve years.

Hard-working and hard-working Huang Weide became a master of firework technology from a small piece worker. At that time, his biggest wish was: mothers should not be so hard, family members can eat every day, and they can accompany fireworks with their mother and sister during the Chinese New Year.

The spring breeze of reform and opening up finally came to Liuyang, and Huang Weide opened a small fireworks workshop at home. Over the years, Huang Weide and his mother often donated the grain and rice in their homes to the villagers who had no food in the village. Because of their goodwill, many people took the initiative to work for Huang Weide. There are major events, small events, happy events, and festivals in the village, and the villagers will come to Huang Weide's home to buy fireworks and firecrackers. Huang Weide's fireworks workshop soon became popular.

Huang Weide's diligence and hard work, good deeds and charities, won the hearts of the people. When Liuyang's first private factory, the Liuyang Cement Plant, was completed, everyone recommended him to be the plant manager. In the era when everyone still had a monthly salary of 30 yuan, Huang Weide let a little-known private factory achieve an annual profit of more than 6 million and export it to the world.

This is another twelve years.

That year was also Chinese New Year. Huang Weide helped his mother to stand at the door and watch the children set off fireworks. I saw a child in his t-shirt about 10 years old, holding a bowl in his hand and looking aside, dazzled, his eyes filled with hope and happiness. Huang Weide's eyes were wet. He seemed to see his childhood. He remembered the tears that his mother shed in the New Year and the fear in their hearts.

He took a large bowl of food and handed it to the begging child, then took out all the money in his pocket and gave it to the child, and said to him, "Child, go home, have a reunion dinner with the family, put firecrackers." Looking back at her mother, her eyes were full of tears, but her face was filled with a reassuring smile.

Looking at the colorful fireworks in the sky, Huang Weide wiped away his tears and decided to return to the fireworks industry. This splendid firework describes the people's simple wish for Guotai and Min'an, and a beautiful expectation for a happy life. This beautiful firework bears witness to the happiness and reunion of the common people and the beautiful pursuit of the future.

He named his firework career-Qingtai. Huang Weide hopes to devote all life and energy to this cause that can bring hope and happiness to people. Helping more people have joy and happiness is also his mother's pursuit and desire for life.

Now Huang Weide is making fireworks again. I wish that not only my family can have enough food, but also that every place in the world where fireworks bloom, there are children with happy smiles; sweethearts accompanied by lovers; have relatives The happy smiley face of reunion has the joy of people at the time of celebration; the expectation of hope at the time of loneliness; the old people's memories of past happy moments.

The beautiful fireworks can bring people happiness and auspiciousness, and can bring people good hope. The beautiful fireworks are the wisdom of the Chinese, the Chinese belief in happiness, and the best gift the Chinese give to the world.

Today, Huang Weide talks about his mother ’s suffering, and his eyes are still wet. He often said to people, "I have been in the fireworks industry for almost 50 years. I want to make fireworks in my lifetime, just to make my mother feel for my son. Pride, just because fireworks can make the mothers of the world laugh happily. "

The moment the fireworks bloomed in the sky, his mother laughed happily, and Huang Weide also laughed.
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