Hiring a purchasing agent

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Since 2010, RT Prime has imported millions of precision metal and custom plastic parts, components and products from our four factories in China. Unlike brokers, RT Prime provides one-stop service for manufacturing mechanical parts and components.
At present, the company recruits a full-time purchasing agent with the following requirements.

Buyer (Purchasing Agent)
Job Requirements
1.        Honest and trustworthy, hardworking
2.        Do things with a high sense of responsibility, good at communication and coordination
3.        Responsible, honest, proactive and organized, with good communication skills and customer service awareness, ability to complete work independently
4.        Can establish good communication with suppliers and manufacturers, strong coordination ability, and have good professional ethics
5.        Pragmatic and able to work under pressure
6.        Pay attention to work efficiency, work details, and profound time concept
7.        Fluent in English and Chinese
8.        Skilled in using Office software
9.        Level 5 or 7 driver's license, car

Job description:

1.        Make purchase and supply plan according to customer order, and coordinate delivery time with factory
2.        Responsible for the follow-up and coordination of orders, product quality and delivery time. Due to time differences, sometimes it is necessary to communicate the progress of the order with the factory at night
3.        Interconnect and coordinate work with each relevant department within the company, and do timely communication
4.        Organize customer order progress once a week and report to purchasing manager,
5.        Responsible for monthly reconciliation with suppliers, review of incoming invoices, and management of accounts payable
6.        Regularly evaluate suppliers and maintain accompanying partnerships;

If you are interested, please send your resume to richardj@rtprime.com. Those who meet the requirements will be notified for an interview.

Salary will be based on your experience, start wage rate is $18 per hour.
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