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想提高您的英文和口音吗? 最方便的方试是跟个英文母语的老师!

我中文叫鹏鹏。我是个 UVIC 毕业的加拿大混血儿. 母语是英文不过也会说中文, 因为小的时候住在中国。所以很会改英文常见的错误 :-)


一个小时的课价格是 $20 (一个人) 或者 $25 (2-3人)


电话:250 889 9218

Hi guys!

Want to improve your English writing, speaking, grammar, and pronunciation?  Look no further! The best way to learn is with a native English speaker who also understands Mandarin.  Together, we can develop a custom learning plan for you to improve your English, or I can also assist you with your homework and assignments!

My name is Tim and I am a Canadian UVic mechanical engineering grad who speaks four languages including English and Mandarin Chinese.  I have lived in Shanghai and Beijing, and have over 2 years of teaching English to ESL students.  

Classes are in a friendly and encouraging environment!  I have flexible hours and guarantee you will find the lessons are fun and enjoyable.  Hourly classes are $20 per private class or $25 per group classes (2-3 people).

You can contact me on my wechat cpuff99 or email me at timmonsw@uvic.ca


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